Kyushu University Academic Staff Educational and Research Activities Database
List of Papers
MINAKO IKEDA Last modified date:2020.07.05

Associate Professor / Social Communication Design / Department of Design Strategy / Faculty of Design

1. 池田美奈子, ‘Editorial thinking’ for design research, IASDR 2020, 2019.09.
2. 池田 美奈子, Scaffold for designing modern products by reinterpreting the technique and philosophy of traditional crafts, IASDR 2017, 1637-1647, 2017.10.
3. Zarate Ortiz Pilar Camila, 池田 美奈子, Identifying opportunities for designers to participate in the development of creative cities in Japan, 62, 1, 69-78, 2015.10.
4. Zarate Ortiz Pilar Camila, 池田 美奈子, Study on the possibility of implementing design as a social tool for community creative Development, 2012.10.
5. Genta Furusawa, Minako Ikeda, Proposal of a New Publication Process Using the Kansei Table System as a Means of Distributing University-Generated Knowledge, Proceedings of the International Conference on Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research 2010 (KEER2010), 2010.03.
6. Minako IKEDA, Keiko IHARA, Tokiko TSUMEMARU, Research Study on the Role of Design Support Organizations in Japan, IASR 07 (International Association of Societies of Design Research), 2007.11.