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List of Papers
Kenichi TANOUE Last modified date:2019.06.20

Professor / Build Environmental Design / Department of Environmental Design / Faculty of Design

1. fan Yi, Kenichi TANOUE, A Study on School Architecture in China from the View of Users and Designers, International Symposium on Architectural Interchange in Asia, 2015.10.
2. 田上 健一, David Leonides YAP, Studies on coastal dwelling
Islamic Communities in Taluksangay, Zamboanga City, Philippines, Journal of Philippine Architecture and Allied Arts, April, 2012, 2012.04.
3. Transition Process of extesible housing in Okinawa.
4. Kenichi TANOUE, The evolution of Philippine architecture in the 20th century, 3rd International Symposium on architectural interchanges in Asia, 2000.02.