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Yoshiki Hori Last modified date:2022.11.09

Professor / Environmental Engineering, Planning and Design Section / Department of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Janet DeLaine and Yoshiki Hori, Embellishing the Streets of Ostia in Hans Kamermans and L. Bouke van der Meer eds., "Designating Place Archaeological Perspectives on Built Environments in Ostia and Pompeii", Leiden University Press, 2020.12.
2. Yoshiki hori, Osamu Ajioka, Laser scanning as a measuring tool: a practice in laser scanning at Pompeii for archaeology and architecture, La scuola di Pitagora editrice, 2014.06.
3. Etani, H. ed. Yoshiki HORI, “Pompeian Town walls and Opus Quadratum" in Pompeii Report of the Excavation at Porta CAPUA 1993-2005, (財)古代学協会, 2010.11.