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hiroyuki matsuguma Last modified date:2019.06.06

Associate Professor / Content design / Department of Content and Creative Design / Faculty of Design

1. hiroyuki matsuguma, F.HATTORI, J.KAJIWARA, Development of a rehabilitation game to support stand-up exercise and its usability in care facilities., The International Society for Gerontechnology, 144-145, 2014.06.
2. Serious Game Project at Kyushu University has developed “REHABILIUM” the rehabilitation game
to support stand-up training since 2010 in collaboration with Nagao Hospital to make the hard training
enjoyable. The results from the clinical trials of the game both at hospital and Long-Term Care Health Facility
showed it was a useful and safe game. In this article, I introduce the significance of the game for rehabilitation
taking in consideration of upcoming super aging society and specific issues when you bring them to the medical
or welfare facilities..
3. Kosuke Kaneko , Yoshihiro Okada , Hiroyuki Matsuguma, Open Device Control: Human Interface Device Framework for Video Games, GAMEON'11,12th International Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation, 5, Page:88-92, 2011.08.
4. Akihiro SASAKI, Hiroyuki MATSUGUMA, Proposal of interface that pays attention to foot, Asia Digital Art and Design Association, 3, P132-P134, 2008.11.
5. Potentiality for a serious game development based on university-industry-government collaboration
- Our recent report on "Serious Game Project" -.
6. A Report of the Annecy International Animation Festival 2007.