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Yukihiro Shimatani Last modified date:2019.07.01

Professor / Laboratory of Hydrosphere Sutainability Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. 島谷  幸宏, Green Resilience from the Experience of Kumamoto Earthquake, Japan, International Workshop on Conservation and Wise Use of Wetlands along the Coast of the Bay of Bengal, 2017.06, This workshop is organized as one of the activities of the project “Building an International Wetland Cooperation Network across the Countries Sharing the Coast of the Bay of Bengal” which is supported by Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF). The ultimate goals of the project are a) formation of international cooperation network for wetland conservation consisted mainly of the environmental NGOs, b) formulation of a strategic plan for problem solving by working harmoniously across the countries/areas, and c) further promotion of the wise of wetlands in the coastal zone of the Bay of Bengal..
2. Yukihiro Shimatani, Traditional Disaster Risk Reduction inJapan  , PEDRR, 2016.06, Traditional DRR gives us good knowledge of risk reduction at the time of uncertainty
/ qualitative perspective ⇔quantitative methods seek perfectness
/ week power makes various knowledge
Essential concept
/dispersion of risks
/definition of damage area
/reducing disaster power using natural system
/combining social rool
/management of both risk and richness
3. The origin of sediment in the Imazu tidal flat and histrical changes.
4. Riparian plant seed distribution in a restored floodplain wetland.
5. basic concept of river restoration.
6. the effect of flood control by irrigation ponds in the Mikasa River watershed.
7. restoration of chonge river and effects.
8. An analysis of settling patterns of seeds transported to a restored floodplain by floods.