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Hiroshi Yamashita Last modified date:2017.07.14

Research Associate Professor / Children’s Mind and Development Clinic / Kyushu University Hospital

1. Background: In recent years broader approach for community based intervention of child abuse has been urgently needed, especially focused on the preventive intervention in early perinatal period.
Methods: National survey using the same program was carried out supported by the grant from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour in Japanese goverment.
Results: 38 community health centers participated in this survey, and 3370 mothers completed the questionnaires at the first home visit within four months postnatally. Of those mothers, 13.9% were indetified as having postnatal depression (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Score above cut-off point 9). A stepwise multiple regerssion analysis showed that various bonding problems as well as postnatal depression itself contributed to this possible abuse.
Conclusion: The comprehensive and multidimensional screening and assessment program introduced here is useful and could be more elaborated with further research on effectiveness of this program.
2. H. Yamashita, K Yoshida, H Nakano, N Tashiro, Postnatal depression in Japanese women
Detecting the early onset of postnatal depression by closely monitoring the postpartum mood, Journal of Affective Disorder 58 145-154, 58, 2, 2000.01.