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Chikako Ozu Last modified date:2022.05.18

Professor / Department of International Economic Study and Business Administration / Department of International Economy and Business / Faculty of Economics

1. Chikako Ozu, Miho Nakamura, Kyoko Nagata, Sidney J. Gray, Transitioning to IFRS in Japan: Corporate Perceptions of Costs and Benefits, Australian Accounting Review, 10.1111/auar.12168, No.84, Vol.28 Issue 1, 4-13, accepted on 26 August, 2016., 2018.05, [URL].
2. Chikako Ozu, Articulation between Micro and Macro Accounts: A review of Funds-Flows and Value-Added Concepts in French Accounting Institutions, Collected Papers of AAAA2002 in Nagoya, 3rd Annual Conference of the Asian Academic Accounting Association Conference Organizing Committee., pp. 435-450., 2002.12.
3. Chikako Ozu and S.J.Gray, The Development of Segment Reporting in Japan : Achieving International Harmonization Through A Process of National Consensus., Advanced in International Accounting, Vol. 14, pp.1-13., 2001.01.