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Akiya Nagata Last modified date:2022.06.02

Professor / Department of Business and Technology Management / Faculty of Economics

1. Akiya Nagata, Service Invention, Hitotsubashi Business Review, Vol.50, No.4, pp.184-185, 2003.
2. Yuko Fujigaki and Akiya Nagata, Concept Evolution of Science and Technology Policy: Dynamics Analysis using Scientometrics, National Institute of Science and Technology, POLICY STUDY No.5, 2000.
3. Akiya Nagata, Effects of Government R&D on Economic Growth: A Macro-economic Model for Measurement, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, DISCUSSION PAPER No. 5, 1998.03.
4. Akira Goto and Akiya Nagata, Technological Opportunities and Appropriating the Returns from Innovation: Comparison of Survey Results from Japan and the U.S., National Institute of Science and Technology, NISTEP REPORT NO.48, 1997.