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Akiya Nagata Last modified date:2022.06.02

Professor / Department of Business and Technology Management / Faculty of Economics

1. Kana Moroga, Akiya Nagata, Yasutaka Kuriyama, Toshiya Kobayashi, Koichi Hasegawa, State of Implementation of Environmental and Energy Policies Adopted by the Regional Governments in Japan, EVERGREEN, 2, 2, 14-23, 2015.09.
2. Ambivalence of Open Networks Promoted by Regional Science and Technology Policy.
3. Does Tax Credit for R&D Induce Additional R&D Investment? -Analysis on the Effects of Gross R&D Credit in Japan.
4. The Impact of Changes in Firms' Boundaries with M&A on R&D: New Evidence from Survey on Research Activities of Private Corporation.
5. The Impact of M&A on R&D and Intellectual Property Management in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry.
6. Akiya Nagata, Knowledge Flow from the Scientific Sector to Private Firms: A Review on the Policy of Technology Transfer, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, Vol4, No.4, 495-510, 2007.12.
7. Human Resource Strategy of Manufacturing Firms in Aged Society with a Fewer Number of Children: Problems of the Skill Transfer and the Engineer Training from Viewpoint of Product Architecture.
8. Determinants of Innovation in Pharmaceutical Firms: Analyzing the Effects of Strategies.
9. Structural-Functional Analysis of Corporate Organizations for Intellectual Property According to Questionnaire Survey Data: Speculation on Methodology.
10. An empirical study on the communication between architects and clients for the architectural design process.
11. Mohamad S. Iman, Akiya Nagata, Liberalization Policy over Foreign Direct Investment and Promotion of Local Firms Development in Indonesia, Technology in Society, Vol.27, pp.399-411, 2005.01.
12. Akiya Nagata, Toward the Intellectual Property Management Integrated into Innovation Process, Hitotsubashi Business Review, Vol.51, No.3, 2003.
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