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List of Reports
Keiko Sasaki Last modified date:2021.05.13

Professor / Resources System Engineering / Department of Earth Resources Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Sasaki Keiko, Qianqian Yu, Synthesis of bio-templated Li+ ion sieve derived from fungally formed birnessite, American Chemical Society, 2014.12.
2. Sasaki Keiko, Spectroscopic study on bioleaching of enargite using thermophile, in “Microbiology for Minerals, Metals, Materials and Environment”, Edited by Abhilash, B. D. Pandey, K. A. Natarajan, CRC Press/Taylor and Francis, ISBN-978-1-4822-5729-8, Cat. No.K24089, 2014.10.
3. Investigation of Groundwater Remediation by Permeable Reactive Barriers in North America.
4. Development of Permeable Rective Barriers in North america.