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Mitsuyasu Yabe Last modified date:2023.03.23

Professor / Agricultural and Resource Economics / Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics / Faculty of Agriculture

1. 矢部 光保, Monetary Value of the Environment: The Theory and Method. In: Takayuki Shimaoka, Takahiro Kuba, Hirofumi Nakayama, Toshiyuki Fujita and Nobuhiro Horii (eds) Basic Studies in Environmental Knowledge, Technology, Evaluation, and Strategy:, Springer, 2016.03.
2. Yabe, Mitsuyasu and Hayashi Takashi eds, Branding strategy for biodiversity conservation: success model of stork rising rice in Toyooka city, Tuskuba- shobo, Tokyo, 2015 September..
3. Sustainable Resource Use and New Cooperation between Agriculture and Food.
4. 矢部 光保, 野村 久子, Joseph M. Arbiol, Maxima R. Quijano, Maridel P. Borja, Nina G. Gloriani, 吉田 眞一, Socioeconomic Study on the Burden of Leptospirosis, Kyushu University Press, 2014.12.
5. From Restoration to Construction of the Regional Cyclical Society: Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Rural Area.
6. Huynh, Viet Khai, Mitsuyasu Yabe, Economic Impact of Water Pollution on Rice Production in Vietnam, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, pp. 1-89, 2013.02.
7. Mitsuyasu Yabe, Huynh, Viet Khai, Impact of Industrial Water Pollution on Rice Production in Vietnam, In Dr. Nigel W.T. Quinn (Editor). International Perspectives on Water Quality Management and Pollutant Control, INTECH publishing, pp. 61-85, 2013.02, [URL].
8. Mitsuyasu Yabe, Takashi Hayashi, Bunei Nishimura, Economic analysis of consumer behaviour and agricultural products based on biodiversity conservation value, In J.Ram Pillarisetti ed, Multifunctional Agriculture, Ecology and Food Security: International Perspectives, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., pp.21-37., 2013.02.
9. Huynh, Viet Khai, Mitsuyasu Yabe, The Comparative Advantage of Soybean Production in Vietnam: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach”, In Dr. James E. Board (Editor). A Comprehensive Survey of International Soybean Research – Genetics, Physiology, Agronomy, and Nitrogen Relationships, INTECH publishing, pp. 161-179, 2013.01, [URL].
10. Mitsuyasu Yabe, Hoan Van Long, Economic Development in Viet Nam :Its Impacts on the Society and Agriculture Production, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, pp. 1-124, 2012.09.
11. Huynh, Viet Khai and Mitsuyasu Yabe, Productive Efficiency of Soybean Production in the Mekong River Delta of Viet Nam, In Tzi-Bun Ng (Editor). Soybean – Applications and Technology, INTECH publishing, 2011.04.
12. Ou Ratanak and Mitsuyasu Yabe , Valuing preferences for ecotourism in the Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia. in Jeff Bennett and Ekin Birol eds., Choice Experiments in Developing Countries: Implementation, Challenges and Policy Implications, Edward Elgar, pp.205-222, 2010.06.
13. Kontoleon, A. and M.Yabe, Latent market segmentation analysis of choice experiment data and implications for EU’s GM labelling policy, in Ekin Birol and Phoebe Koundouri eds., The Choice Experiments Informing Environmental Policy

, Edward Elgar, 2008.05.
14. Goda,Motoyuki, Ryohei Kada and Mitsuyasu Yabe , Goda,Motoyuki, Ryohei Kada and Mitsuyasu Yabe, Concept and Significance of Multifunctionality of Agriculture: A Global Respective, in The ASEAN Secretariat and MAFF of Japan, Final Report: Country Case Studies on Multifunctionality of Agriculture in ASEAN Countries, 19-34 , 2006.10.
15. Yabe(2005),"Green Tourism based on Life sightseeing and Framework of Eco-museum",Promotion of Mountainous Village Life: A Case Study of the Old Ukiha-Cho in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu Gakuzyutsu Suppan Sinkou Senta,pp.139-153..
16. Yabe(2003)"Multifunctinality of Agriculture: Japan and Europe",Year Book of Japanese Environment,Sodosha,Tokyo,pp.126-130..
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18. Yabe (2001) Concept of Multi functionality and Cost Bearing, in Goda ed. Agro-environment Policy and Direct Payment: Comparison among Europe, U.S. and Japan, with collaborators, National Institute of Agricultural Economics, Tokyo, 2001, pp.15-47.

Yabe (2001) Conservation Value of Aso Grass Land and Direct Payment, in Goda ed. Agro-environment Policy and Direct Payment: Comparison among Europe, U.S. and Japan, with collaborators, National Institute of Agricultural Economics, Tokyo, 2001, pp.175-213..
19. John Bergstrom, Kevin Boyle, Mitsuyasu Yabe et al., Economic Value of Water Quality, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2nd Chapter"Determinants of Ground Water Quality Values: Georgia and Maine Case Studies",pp.15-47, 2001.01.
20. Tlans., Callan, Scott and Janet Thomas(1996),Environmental Economics and Management:Theory, Policy and Application.