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Eiji Oki Last modified date:2020.06.16

Lecturer / Department Surgery and Science / Gastrointestinal Surgery (2) / Kyushu University Hospital

1. Eiji Oki, Ryota Nakanishi, Koji Ando, Junji Kurashige, Masahiko Sugiyama, Yuichiro Nakashima, Hiroshi Saeki, Yoshihiko Maehara, Adjuvant trials for colon cancer: overview and future perspectives, 日本癌治療学会, 2017.10.
2. Eiji Oki, Prognostic significance of KRAS and BRAF mutations in Japanese patients with colorectal cancer. , American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2012.06.
3. 沖 英次, TP53 mutation and BUBR1 overexpression characterize the DNA aneuploidy of gastric cancer. , American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2013.06.