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Takashi Teranishi Last modified dateļ¼š2023.11.22

Associate Professor / Fundamental particle physics / Department of Physics / Faculty of Sciences

1. Takashi Teranishi, Proton resonant scattering in inverse kinematics with low-energy beams, Workshop on RI-beam Spectroscopy by Innovative Gaseous Active Targets, 2019.12.
2. R. Tsunoda, N. Imai, T. Teranishi, M. Dozono, K. Iribe, N. Kitamura, S. Sakaguchi, H. Sakai, Y. Ueno, Proton resonance scattering of a shape-coexistence nucleus 118Sn, 5th Joint Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics and the Physical Society of Japan, 2018.10.
3. M. Osada, T. Teranishi, Y. Ueno, S. Oka, K. Iribe, H. Sakai, T. Kubo, Development of proton detectors using CsI(Tl) scintillator and SiPM, 5th Joint Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics and the Physical Society of Japan, 2018.10.
4. Takashi Teranishi, Resonant scattering experiments at CRIB and RIPS, International Symposium on Modern Technique and its Outlook in Heavy Ion Science, 2016.06.
5. Takashi Teranishi, Spectroscopy of unbound states in unstable nuclei using spin-polarized proton resonance scattering, The SKKU International Symposium on Recent Progress in Physics for the 60th Anniversary of Physics Department, 2014.11.
6. Takashi Teranishi, Analyzing power measurement in low-energy resonant scattering of polarized protons on unstable nuclei, RIBF-ULIC mini workshop for discussing possible reaction studies with polarized targets using low energy beams, 2013.01.
7. Takashi Teranishi, Resonant Scattering Experiments with Radioactive Nuclea Beams - Recent Results and Future Plans, The 22nd International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry (CAARI2012), 2013.08.
8. Isobaric analog states of unstable nuclei studied by charge-exchange reactions and resonant proton scattering.
9. Studies of IAS and GT states of 11Li.
10. Isobaric analog states in unstable nuclei studied using (p,n) reactions and proton resonance scattering.
11. Spectroscopy of unstable nuclei using low-energy resonance scattering and reactions.
12. Low-energy resonance scattering and reactions on light unstable nuclei.
13. T. Teranishi, "Experimental studies of high-temperature hydrogen burning using low-energy radioactive beams", Sep. 2005, Hawaii, United States of America, Second Joint Meeting of the Nuclear Physics Devisions of APS and JPS.
14. Measurement of elastic resonance scattering with lowenergy radioactive nuclear beams.
15. Resonance scattering experiments with low-energy radioactive beams produced by an in-flight separator.