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kazumasa yamada Last modified date:2021.06.22

Assistant Professor / condensed matter physics / Department of Physics / Faculty of Sciences

1. Kazumasa Yamada, Takashi Kimura, Kelvin Elphick, Marjan Samiepour and Atsufumi Hirohata, Magnetic properties and planar Hall effect of CoFeMnSi films, 2019 MMM Conference, 2019.11, We systematically investigated the structural and magnetic properties of CoFeMnSi (CFMS) Heusler alloy films, which is known as a spin gapless semiconductor. We grew CFMS films consisting of Ta (5)/Ru(5)/CFMS (20)/Ta (5) and Ru (5)/CFMS (10)/Ta (5) (thickness in nm) on Si substrates by high vacuum sputtering. We confirmed semiconductor-like behavior in these films by measuring the conventional Hall effect. The magnetic field dependence of transverse magnetoresistance was measured by introducing a magnetic field horizontal to the film. Angular dependence of transverse magnetoresistance was detected, which can be useful for magnetic sensor applications..
2. The evaluation of mobility by Hall effect of Polyaniline.
3. Temperature dependence of transport properties of Ferroelectric Pb1-xLaxZr1-yTiyO3 thin film.