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Koji Todaka Last modified date:2022.07.01

Professor / Center for Clinical and Translational Research / Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) / Kyushu University Hospital

1. Murahashi M, Ogata H, Okazaki T, Hijikata Y, Yamada K, Tsuruta T, Kishimoto J, Funakoshi K, Todaka K, Nakanishi Y, Tani K., Investigator initiated clinical trial of cancer vaccine OCV-C01 in advanced and recurrent biliary tract cancer. , The Japanese Society of Medical Oncology Annual Meeting, 2018.07.
2. Oda S, Nagata H, Ashida K, Sakamoto S, Uchiyama M, Nagayama A, Iwata S, Todaka K, Nakanishi Y, Nomura M, 11[beta]-HSD type 1 inhibitor ameliorates metabolic disorders associated with hypercortisolemia: A clinical trial to assess its safety and efficacy in Japanese patients with refractory Cushing's syndrome and subclinical Cushing's syndrome., Society for Endocrinology BES, 2018.11.
3. 戸高 浩司, Academic Research Organization to promote medical device development at the university, 2016 Japan Korea Joint Forum , 2016.04.
4. 戸高 浩司, Role of Academia in Japan: Koji Todaka (Kyushu University)
Clinical and Translational Research in Japanese Academia.
, 第22回日本心血管インターベンション治療学会学術集会, 2013.07, Town Hall Meeting: “Global Harmonization for Medical Device Innovation”.
5. 戸高 浩司, Kazuhiro Sase, Masayuki Kawahara, Update from Working Group 2
, HBD, 2013.07, Japan-US HBD East 2013 (July 9 – 10, 2013, Tokyo)
Kazuhiro Sase, Takeshi Nakatani, Koji Todaka, Masayuki Kawahara
Update from Working Group 2.