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Yoshihiro KANGAWA Last modified date:2020.07.02

Professor / Division of Renewable Energy Dynamics / Research Institute for Applied Mechanics

1. T. Matsuoka, Y. Kangawa, Epitaxial Growth of III-Nitride Compounds: Computational Approach, Springer, 10.1007/978-3-319-76641-6, 2018.05, This book presents extensive information on the mechanisms of epitaxial growth in III-nitride compounds, drawing on a state-of-the-art computational approach that combines ab initio calculations, empirical interatomic potentials, and Monte Carlo simulations to do so. It discusses important theoretical aspects of surface structures and elemental growth processes during the epitaxial growth of III-nitride compounds. In addition, it discusses advanced fundamental structural and electronic properties, surface structures, fundamental growth processes and novel behavior of thin films in III-nitride semiconductors. As such, it will appeal to all researchers, engineers and graduate students seeking detailed information on crystal growth and its application to III-nitride compounds..
2. Yoshihiro Kangawa, Atomic arrangement and In composition in InGaN quantum wells, Springer Verlag, 10.1007/978-3-319-76641-6_6, 109-124, 2018.01, In this section, atomic arrangement and indium incorporation in InGaN epitaxial layers are discussed. Chichibu et al. have studied why In-containing (Al, In, Ga)N films exhibit a defect-insensitive emission probability..
3. Yoshihiro Kangawa, Thermodynamic approach to InN epitaxy, Springer Verlag, 10.1007/978-3-319-76641-6_5, 95-108, 2018.01, In this chapter, influences of N/III ratio, growth orientation and total pressure on epitaxial growth processes of In(Ga)N are discussed. It is known that N/III ratio is essential parameter to grow In(Ga)N thin films..
4. Tomonori Ito, Yoshihiro Kangawa, Ab initio-Based Approach to Crystal Growth
Chemical Potential Analysis
, Elsevier Inc., 10.1016/B978-0-444-56369-9.00011-3, 1, 477-520, 2014.12, Computer-aided calculations for crystal growth in the area of semiconductor materials are presented from the viewpoint of an ab initio-based approach. Reliable predictions can now be made for a wide range of problems in the field of semiconductor crystal growth, such as surface reconstructions, adsorption-desorption, and migration behavior of atomic and molecular species as functions of growth conditions, by employing chemical potential analysis in ab initio calculations. The availability of chemical potential analysis is examined by investigating surface phase diagrams and growth processes on the reconstructed surfaces for prototypical semiconductors, including GaAs, InAs on GaAs, GaN, and InGaN on GaN with the aid of Monte Carlo simulations. An overview of these issues is provided and the latest achievements are presented to illustrate the capability of the ab initio-based approach by directly comparing with experimental results under realistic growth conditions, such as growth temperature and gas pressure. The successful applications in crystal growth lead to future prospects in the ab initio-based approach to the materials' design and consequently great advances in crystal growth for various materials, including nanomaterials..
5. Takashi Nakayama, Yoshihiro Kangawa, Kenji Shiraishi, Atomic Structures and Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Interfaces, Elsevier Inc., 1, 113-174, 2011.01.