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Tomomi Oomaru Last modified date:2022.05.27

Assistant Professor / Comprehensive dentistry / Comprehensive Dentistry / Kyushu University Hospital

1. Kaoruko Hirata, Tomomi Ohmaru, Naohisa Wada, Relation between oral hypofunction and nutrient intake condition in the elderly., KOB_OBTシンポジウム, 2021.11.
2. Improvement of oral function on new complete denture fabrication: a case report.
3. A case of perioperative oral care for a patient of Otorhinolaryngology in Kyushu University Hospital..
4. Effect of bisphosphonates on non-surgical periodontal therapy of advanced generalized chronic periodontitis..
5. 津田 緩子, 王丸 寛美, Sleep Medicine in Japanese Pre-doctoral Dental Education, International Association for Dental Research, 2013.03, Objectives: In sleep medicine field, dentists are more and more required to be an important role such as oral appliance, orthodontic approach or maxillofacial surgery for sleep apnea treatment. However there is limited information regarding sleep medicine in pre-doctoral dental education. The aim of this survey is to reveal how sleep medicine related education has been done in Japanese dental school.
Methods: This was e-mail based questionnaire survey. Three-page cover letter with 10 questions was sent out all the 29 Japanese dental schools. The main categories included: the number of hours taught in each 6 years, educational style such as didactic or clinical experience, which departments taught the materials, taking up topics, which diagnoses and therapies were reviewed, and what additional topics if any were discussed. Which department is responsible for sleep apnea patients in clinical setting is also asked.
Results: Twenty six out of 29 dental schools (89.7%) were responded for this survey. Of the responding dental school, 80.8% reported some educational time in sleep medicine. Five schools (23.8%) reported no curriculum time. The average number of educational hours was 3.8h. The majority was taught by didactic (58.5%). The most frequently covered topics included sleep-related breathing disorders (20 schools, 95.2%) and sleep bruxism (13 schools, 61.9%). More than half of dental school taught oral appliance, CPAP, ENT surgical therapy, oral surgery as treatment option for sleep apnea, but orthodontic approaches is only reviewed at 38.1% of dental school.
Conclusion: Educational time for sleep medicine in Japanese pre-doctoral education is similar with that of US (3.92h, Simmons, 2012). While sleep medicine in Japanese pre-doctoral dental education is similar with the previous US report, it is still required to expand this topic in Japan for collaborating as members of a multidisciplinary sleep medicine approaches.
6. Relationship between stress coping ablity (SOC) and mental health condition of trainee dentists..
7. A Study of Dental Resident’s Attitude toward Infectious Disease.
8. Trend Analysis of New Patients for Trainee Dentists in General Oral Care Clinic at Kyushu University Hospital.
9. Research on Mental Health Condition of Dental Resident using GHQ 28 and MBI.
10. Object Setting and Action Planning for the Clinical Training Course in Division of General Oral Care, Kyushu University Hospital.
11. Clinical Training of the Residents Concerning Dental Treatment of the Medically Compromised Patients.
12. Infliences of implant on existing teeth..
13. Minor Surgery Training for Dental Residents in Kyushu University Hospital.
14. Mission of Division of General Oral Care and Challenge to Future.
15. Prosthetic treatment on Division of General Oral Care, Kyushu University Hospital..
16. Research on Mental Health Condition of Dental Resident using GHQ 28 and MBI.
17. Minor Surgery Training for Dental Residents..
18. Outline of the Faculty Development for improving the educational system of Division of General Oral Care.
19. Review of Clinical Training at the Collaborating External Fascilities of Kyushu University Hospital..
20. Educational Environment Measure of Postgraduate Clinical Training for the Dental Residents, Kyushu University Hospital. .
21. Relationship between Menopausal Disorders and Temporomandibular Disorders..
22. Clinical application of dental magnetic attachment for old patients..
23. Influence of Craniofacial and Systemic Symptoms on Gravity Fluctuation..