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Mitsuru Shindo Last modified date:2023.09.26

Professor / Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences / Department of Fundamental Organic Chemistry / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. Mitsuru Shindo, Kenji Matsumoto, Metal catalyzed synthetic reactions via aerobic oxidation as a key step, Springer Singapore, 10.1007/978-981-10-3421-3_2, 11-27, 2017.01, New aerobic oxidative metal catalyzed synthetic reactions are described: The Cu(II) complex catalyzed the acylation of thioester in Wittig lactonization under neutral conditions and the dissymmetrization of symmetric dithiomalonates via selective monoacylation. The key step in this reaction was the formation of an acylketene, the stability of which would contribute to selectivity. The aerobic Rh/C-catalyzed oxidative homo- and cross-coupling of aryl amines was developed. The coupling reactions afforded symmetrical and nonsymmetrical biaryl amines in excellent yields. These reactions provide a mild, operationally simple, and efficient approach for the synthesis of biaryls which are important to pharmaceutical and materials chemistry..
2. 新藤 充, 松本 健司,
Stereoselective Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted Alkenes via Torquoselectivity-Controlled Olefination of Carbonyl Cmpounds with Ynolates,in Top. Curr. Chem.
, Springer, 327, 1-32 , 2012.01.
3. M. Shindo, T. Yoshikawa, K. Yaji,, Synthesis of 1,3-Dienes by Cycloaddition and Electrocyclic Reactions, in Science of Synthesis;, Georg Thieme Verlag KG,, 353-400, 2009.10.
4. Mitsuru Shindo, The chemistry of metal ynolates (in The Chemistry of Metal Enolates, Patai series), John Wiley & Sons, Chapter 13, 2009.08.
5. Essential Organic Chemistry.
6. strategic application of named reactions in organic chmistry.
7. 新藤充, Total Synthesis of Marine Macrolides, H. Kiyota Ed., in Marine Natural Products, Springer, 2006.07.
8. Bruice Organic Chemistry.
9. R. A. Holton, C. Somoza, H.-B. Kim, F. Liang, R. J. Biediger, P. D. Boatmann, M. Shindo, C. Smith, S. Kim, H. Nadizadeh, Y. Suzuki, C. Tao, P. Vu, S. Tang, P. Zhang, K. K. Murthi, L. N. Gentile, and J.H. Liu,, The Total Synthesis of Paclitaxel Starting with Camphor. ACS Symp. Ser. 583 (Taxane Anticancer Agents), ACS, 288-301, 1995.01.