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List of Presentations
Taro Takimoto Last modified date:2021.09.02

Professor / Fields in Economic Systems / Department of Economic Engineering / Faculty of Economics

1. Naoki Sakamoto and Taro Takimoto, Tax, spend, and political support rates in Japan, 2018.10..
2. Taro Takimoto and Yuzo Hosoya, Measures of time-series interdependence: Evidence in US macroeconomic data, 2018.09..
3. Pyemo Afego and Taro Takimoto, Information asymmetry, unscheduled announcements and the persistence of price pressure effects around index changes, 15th African Finance Journal Conference, 2018.04.
4. Naoki Sakamoto, Kazuya Sakata, Taro Takimoto, Kazunori Nakajima, Masaki Narukawa, Measuring the benefits of mortality risk reductions by decreases in emergency transport time, European Regional Science Association, 2016.08.
5. Taro Takimoto, Yuzo Hosoya, Time series partial causality: Computational and empirical analyses, Recent Progress in Time Series and Related Fields conference in honor of Prof. Yajima for his long time contributions in time series analysis, 2015.12.
6. Taro Takimoto, Kazuya Sakata, Kazunori Nakajima, Masaki Narukawa, Naoki Sakamoto, Disparity in emergency medical services across Japan, European Regional Science Association, 2015.08.
7. Taro Takimoto, Naoki Sakamoto, Have intergovernmental transfers stimulated expenditures in Japan's local government?, Singapore Economic Review Conference 2015, 2015.08.
8. Dahiru A. Bala, Taro Takimoto, Nonlinearities in Japan's financial returns volatility from Markov-Switching-GARCH and SV models, 日本応用経済学会, 2014.11.
9. Jianhui Xu, Taro Takimoto, Assessing macroeconomic effects of nontraditional monetary policy in Japan with TVP-SVAR model, 7th International Conference on Computatonal and Financial Econometrics, 2013.12.
10. Dahiru A. Bala, Taro Takimoto, Stochastic volatility and Kalman filter in financial time series: evidence from state space models, 7th International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics, 2013.12.
11. Yuzo Hosoya, Taro Takimoto, Partial measures of time-series interdependence, 基盤研究(B)「大規模で非定常な時系列・時空間データのモデル化とその推定・検定・予測法の研究」による国際シンポジウム, 2013.12.
12. Taro Takimoto, Naoki Sakamoto, Asymmetries in the Japan's revenue-expenditure nexus, Singapore Economic Review Conference 2013, 2013.08.
13. Takimoto,T. and Sakamoto, N. The revenue and expenditure nexus: Evidence from national and local governments in Japan.