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kaoru suehiro Last modified date:2022.06.26

Professor / Department of Architecture / Department of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Kaoru Suehiro, Noriko Suehiro, JUUL house- a hall for all, perspective may 2015, perspective ltd., pp.68-72, 2015.05.
2. Kaoru Suehiro, Challenges and Issues of Kumamoto Artpolis, The International Conference for Establishing the Culture City Gwangju. / A New Approach for Sustainable Culture Cities / Seoul, Korea, The Executive Agency for Culture Cities under The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 2007.05.
3. Kaoru Suehiro, Fruits and Contradiction of Kumamoto Artpolis, Architectural Policy for good Architecture and good Cities / International Conference of Architectural Policy and Innovating Projects 2007 / Seoul, Korea, Presidential Committee on Architectural Culture and Construction Technology / Korea National Housing Corporation, 2007.05.