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List of Reports
Yukihide Kajita Last modified date:2023.02.28

Associate Professor / Structural Analysis and Earthquake Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Daily preparation is more important than looking at earthquake hazard maps.
2. Report on Bridge Damages in the Kuma River Basin caused by the Heavy Rain of July 2020.
3. Report of damaged bridges in Mashiki town and their current situation - Some considerations for better recovery of damaged bridges managed by local government.
4. Report on the damage of bridges which are managed by the local government due to 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.
5. Lessons from the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake.
6. Characteristic of the ground motion from the 2011 off-Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake and Damage of the Bridges.
7. Common Specifications for Infrastructures II (Actions/Loads).
8. Action on Civil Engineering Structures for Performance Based Design Codes.
9. Relationship between Compression Stiffness and Shape Factor of Shock Absorbing Rubber.