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List of Presentations
Kenichi Tsukahara Last modified date:2021.07.05

Professor / Urban system engineering / Disaster Risk Reduction Research Center / Faculty of Engineering

1. Kenichi Tsukahara, Disaster Risk Governance and Transdisciplinary Approach for Building Societal Resilience to Disasters
–ACECC TC21 Activity-, The 18th Science Council of Asia (SCA) Conference, 2018.12.
2. Kenichi Tsukahara, Land-use management for water-related disaster mitigation in the age of population decline
, International Symposium on Disaster Prevention and Reduction in Tainan, Taiwan China, World Federation of Engineering Organizations, Disaster Risk Management Committee, 2016.09.
3. Kenichi Tsukahara, Using Data and Statistics Explaining Investment Effectiveness of Disaster Risk Reduction, World Engineering Conference and Convention 2015 (WECC2015), 2015.11.
4. Kenichi Tsukahara, Linking Disaster Risk Reduction to Sustainable Development, 11th International Conference of The International Institute for Infrastructure Resilience and Reconstruction (I3R2), 2015.08.
5. Naweed Mohammad Eisa, 加知 範康, 塚原 健一, Capacity Building Analyzing for Applying the Japanese Urban Planning System in Kabul New City Project, 土木学会, 2013.06.
6. Regional development and water transportation from a perspective of spatial economics.
7. Redevelopment of Inland Water Transport for Post-Conflict Rehabilitation in Southern Sudan.