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Noriko Matsunaga Last modified date:2020.07.06

Professor / Global Society Communication / Department of Social Studies / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. Dialogue and team collaboration model to foster multicultural synergies: A case study of the process of opening a local Japanese language class
2. Comprehensive international student talent training through The multilingual translation projects From the viewpoint of Service Learning leading to "circulation of knowledge".
3. What kind of educational guidance is necessary for comprehensive Japanese human resources training through volunteer activities: Case study of translation activity of school documents.
4. Noriko Matsunaga, “Processing of Knowledge” and Translation in Modern Japan : The case of “shin-kango”, Edited by Ewha Institute for Humanities,Ewha Womans University & Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society ,Kyushu University "Translation,Transculturation,and Transformation of Modernity in East Asia", 43-84, pp43-84.This paper was translated from the Japanese version as follows Norioko Matsunaga "Kindai nihon no'chi no kako' to honyaku:'shin-kango wo jilei to shite" in 'Chi no kako gaku`koto hajime:「知の加工学」事始め: Introduction of the "Science of Knowledge Processing Studes", eds.Noriko Matsunaga,Teruhisa Se,Hitoshi Yoshioka (2011:30-54 )., 2017.08.
5. Support for the Parents Of Children Moving Abroad: How Can the Community, the School, And the University Cooperate?.
6. Noriko Matsunaga, Collaboration of Japan Studies and Japanese Language Education in Graduate School-From the Approach of Academic Skills Training-
, Japanese Language Education in Europe, 2015.06.
7. Comparison of Attitudes Toward Community Society Between Japanese University Students and Foreign Residents in Ito District.
8. Attempts to Distil the Results of Integrated Multidisciplinary Japan Studies:Case Study of the Comprehensive Seminar “Processing of Knowledge” at graduate school.