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List of Presentations
satoshi kaneshima Last modified date:2023.11.27

Professor / Dynamics, Structure and Evolution of the Earth and Planets / Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences / Faculty of Sciences

1. Fumi Hyodo, Futoshi Takahashi , Satoshi Kaneshima, Hisayoshi Shimizu, Hideo Tsunakawa, An effect of the Rayleigh number on morphology of a long-lived lunar dynamo
driven by compositional convection, American Geophysical Union Fall meeting, 2019.12.
2. Toshiki Ohtaki, Satoru Tanaka, Satoshi Kaneshima, Weerachai Siripunvaraporn, Songkhun Boonchaisuk, Sutthipong, Noisagool, Kenji Kawai, Taewoon Kim, Yuki, Suzuki, Yasushi Ishihara, Koji Miyakawa, Nozomu Takeuchi, Hitoshi Kawakatsu, Seismic structure near the inner core boundary in the north polar region, American Geophysical Union Fall meeting, 2019.12.
3. Jeroen Ritsema, Satoshi Kaneshima, Sam Haugland , New USArray observations of 100-km scale, layered scattering structures
, American Geophysical Union Fall meeting, 2019.12.
4. Rûna van Tent, Arwen Deuss, Satoshi Kaneshima, Christine Thomas, The Signal of Outermost Core
Stratification in Body Wave and
Normal Mode Data, American Geophysical Union Fall meeting, 2019.12.
5. Satoshi Kaneshima, Seismic scatterers in the mid-lower mantle near subduction zones, SEDI2018, 2018.07.
6. Satoshi Kaneshita, Seismic structure of the Earth's outermost core, IAG-IASPEI, 2017.08.
7. Satoshi Kaneshita, Array analyses of SmKS waves and the stratification of Earth's outermost core, The 15th symposium of study of the earth's deep interior, 2016.07.
8. George Helffrich, 金嶋 聰, Array-based techniques for study of the deep mantle and core, 26th IUGG, 2015.06.
9. 金嶋 聰, Stratification of Earth's outermost core inferred from SmKS waves, SEDI 2014, 2014.08.