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List of Papers
Zaitsu Shin-ichi Last modified date:2023.11.22

Associate Professor / Molecular Information System / Department of Applied Chemistry / Faculty of Engineering

1. Taku Shakano, Shin-ichi Zaitsu, Totaro Imasaka, Deep- to near-ultraviolet Raman frequency conversion pumped by femtosecond pulses in a hollow-core waveguide, APPLIED OPTICS, 10.1364/AO.424896, 60, 23, 6962-6970, 2021.08, Broadband vibrational/rotational Raman generation ranging from deep ultraviolet (DUV) to blue wavelengths is demonstrated by using molecular hydrogen in a hollow-core waveguide as a Raman-active medium pumped by a femtosecond DUV laser. We find the high-order transient stimulated Raman scattering is drastically enhanced for input beams including a circularly polarized component; a circularly polarized input beam achieves the highest conversion efficiency. Coherent vibrational anti-Stokes Raman emission is observed only for a circularly polarized pump beam, indicating that the waveguide effect also contributes to the upconversion of a DUV pulse via transient stimulated Raman scattering. (C) 2021 Optical Society of America..
2. Zaitsu Shin-Ichi, Takumi Tanabe, Kota Oshima, Hiroyuki Hirata, Theoretical analysis of a molecular optical modulator for a continuous-wave laser based on a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber, Applied Sciences, 10.3390/app8101895, 8, 10, 2018.10, A THz optical modulator for a continuous-wave laser using a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (HC-PCF) was proposed and theoretically analyzed. Lightwaves traveling through the HC-PCF is modulated by interactions with coherently driven Raman-active molecules in the core. The coherent molecular motion is excited by a pulse train having an interval between successive pulses shorter than the molecular dephasing time. In principle, a rotational transition of molecular hydrogen (S0(1)) at a pressure of 1 atm has a long enough dephasing time to maintain molecular coherence during a 1 GHz commercially available mode-locked pulse train. Optimization of the waveguide dispersion would enable phase-matching between the probe beam and generated sidebands during optical modulation. The proposed scheme would be achievable with a reasonable pump beam power and HC-PCF length, and with a feasible pressure of molecules in the core..
3. Zaitsu Shin-Ichi, Takao Tsuchiya, A Molecularly Modulated Mode-Locked Laser, Scientific Reports, 10.1038/s41598-018-30743-9, 8, 1, 2018.12, A mode-locked laser operating at a frequency over 10 THz is reported, which is three orders of magnitude greater than a standard mode-locked laser. The system used molecules with a Raman gain as an amplifier, while coherent molecular motions were used for optical modulation. Molecules in a high-finesse optical cavity modulated a continuous-wave beam to produce a train of ultrashort optical pulses at a repetition rate corresponding to the frequency of molecular motion. Phase-locking was achieved by an appropriate compensation of the total dispersion of the optical cavity. Thus, the oscillating multiple longitudinal modes were all coupled under phase-matching conditions of parametric four-wave mixing..
4. Shin-ichi Zaitsu, Hirotomo Izaki, Takao Tsuchiya, Totaro Imasaka, Continuous-wave phase-matched molecular optical modulator, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6, 20908, 2016.01.
5. Shin-ichi Zaitsu, Totaro Imasaka, Continuous-wave anti-Stokes Raman laser based on phase-matched nondegenerate four-wave mixing, OPTICS LETTERS, 10.1364/OL.40.000073, 40, 1, 73-76, 2015.01.
6. Jumpei Takabayashi, Shin-ichi Zaitsu, Totaro Imasaka, Generation of three-primary-color Raman comb in the continuous-wave regime, APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS, 10.1007/s00340-014-5856-4, 117, 1, 465-470, 2014.10.
7. Shin-ichi Zaitsu, Totaro Imasaka, Intracavity Phase-matched Coherent Anti-stokes Raman Spectroscopy for Trace Gas Detection, ANALYTICAL SCIENCES, 30, 1, 75-79, 2014.01.
8. Yuich Hashiguchi, Shin-ichi Zaitsu, Totaro IMASAKA, Ionization of pesticides using a far-ultraviolet femtosecond laser in gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry, ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 10.1007/s00216-013-6976-0, 405, 22, 7053-7059, 2013.04.
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14. Takashi Shimizu, Yuka Watanabe-Ezoe, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Hiroko Tsukatani, Tomoko Imasaka, Shin-ichi Zaitsu, Tomohiro Uchimura, Totaro Imasaka, Enhancemont of melecular ions in mass spectrometry using an ultrashort optical pulse in multiphoton ionization, Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 82, 3441–3444 (2010), 2010.04.
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