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HIDETOSHI MIYACHI Last modified date:2023.01.10

Associate Professor / Business and Economics Section / Manuscript Library

1. ’Current Status and Issue of the Nouren Plaza in Okinawa’.
2. The type of the electric power generation and transmission in Okinawa after the World War Ⅱ
         ―Until the Ryukyu Electric Power Corporation was established―.
3. Strategy of the Hagi-Yaki ceramic ware in modern Japan.
4. The development of the Hagi-yaki in prewar, and its backgrounds .
5. Establishment of the electric power supply system in Okinawa after World War II.
6. 'Separation of power generation and power transmission, and power distribution in Okinawa under the control of the United States' .
7. The relationship between the Zaibatsu Konzern and the Japanese electric power industry in the beginning of the 20th century.
8. Production and labor of silk fabrics Hakata-ori in Meiji era
9. Feature of sake brewer labor on economic history.