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List of Papers
HIDETOSHI MIYACHI Last modified date:2023.01.10

Associate Professor / Business and Economics Section / Manuscript Library

1. An Analysis of a Late Starting Case of Mechanization in Bank Offices during the Japan’s High-Growth Period: Focusing on the Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd..
2. Acquisition of Shinnyu Coal Mine by Mitsubishi and Sumiyoshi Kawamura.
3. Current Status and Issues of the Nouren Plaza in Okinawa:Toward the Creative Succession of Machiguwa Culture from Nouren Market.
4. ’The Showa Financial Crisis and the Emergency Ordinances’”Journal of Political Economy(Kyushu University)” vol.86 No.2-3.
5. The Cuntermeasures of the Jushichi Bank during the Showa Financial Crisis
  -While also referring to relationship with the Yasuda Bank-.
6. 宮地 英敏, 「沖縄石油資源開発株式会社の構想と挫折―尖閣諸島沖での油田開発が最も実現に近づいた時」, 『九州大学経済学研究』, 84, 1, 2017.08, 琉球政府の通産局長であった砂川恵勝の旗振りにより、沖縄主導の尖閣諸島沖海底油田開発の実現可能性が存在した。台湾による領有権宣言によって日本政府が琉球政府に歩み寄り、採掘権者であった大見謝恒寿らも巻き込んでのプロジェクトであった。そのプロジェクトの詳細と、それが何故に実現できなかったのかという点について分析した。.
7. The Productions and the Reputations of the Mikawachi-Yaki Porcelain in Modern Japan
―How did national official reports influence the production district ?―.
8. The Imperial Naval Coalfield’s Administration in Modern Japan, Especially Focusing on the Gotoku Coal Mining.
9. The Type of the Electic Power Generation and Transmission in Okinawa after the World War Ⅱ
  -Until REPC was established-.
10. The diversity of the production area of potteries and porcelains in modern Japan-Mainly focusing on the Hagi Yaki-
11. Reexamination of the disposal incident of the government-owned property by the Hokkaido Development Commission
―Who leaked the information?―
12. 'Separation of power generation and power transmission, and power distribution in Okinawa under the control of the United States' .
13. 'Memorandum of Understanding the relationship among the Mitsubishi Zaibatsu Konzern and electric power industry in the early 20th century' ”Journal of Political Economy”vol.79-2/3, Society of Political Economy, Kyushu University, 2012.7.
14. 'Characteristics in the establishment of the Inawashiro Hydro-Electric Power Co.-Mainly about
change of the project leaders-'"Historical Journal"Association of Historical Science, vol.745, 2012.5.
15. 'Imported Insulators Used by Inawashiro Hydro-Electric Power Co. : Background of Domestic Insulator Production in Modern Japan' "The Journal of the Japanese Society for the History of Chemistry" The Japanese Society for the History of Chemistry, vol.39, No.1, 2012.3.
16. 'Entrepreneurial activities of small and medium-sized porcelain industries in modern Japan' "Entrepreneurial Studies" Forum for Entrepreneurial Studies, vol.8, 2011.8.
17. 'Characteristics of miners in the Japanese coal industry : Hashima coal mine of Mitsubishi Mining Company Ltd., from 1945 to the 1960s' "Socio-Economic History" The Socio-Economic History Society, vol.76,No2, 2010.8.
18. Regional bias in spread of coal kiln by Japanese porcelain industry.
19. 'Production trends of the Hakata silk in the early Meiji era'"Research on the History of Fukuoka City" Fukuoka City Museum, vol.5, 2010.2.
20. 'Analysis of the Jushichi Bank’s “DISCLOSURE” during the World War 2-Mainly the relationship with Yasuda ZAIBATSU Konzern-' "Journal of Political Economy”vol.75-5/6, Society of Political Economy, Kyushu University, 2009.1.
21. Hidetoshi MIYACHI, 「Successes and Failures among Porcelain Trading Firms in the Early Meiji Period」, 『Japanese Research in Business History』, Vol.24、97-116頁, 2008.06.
22. 'Government Financing for Kiryu-kosho Co. in Early Meiji Era' "The Journal of Economics" The Society of Economics, The University of Tokyo, vol.71, No.4, 2006.1.
23. 'The Birth of "Great Industry" in Porcelain Industry of Modern Japan; The Case of the Nagoya Area' "The Journal of Economics" The Society of Economics, The University of Tokyo, vol.71, No.2, 2005.7.
24. 'The Activities of a Specialty Trading Company in the Meiji Era; The Case of Morimura Bro's' "Entrepreneurial Studies" Forum for Entrepreneurial Studies, vol.2, 2005.6.
25. 'Small-scale Business in the Porcelain Industry of Modern Japan; The Case of the Seto Area' "Japan Business History Review" Business History Society of Japan, vol.39, No.2, 2004.9.
26. 'Economic Policy Confrontation in the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce in the Early Years' "The Journal of Political Economy and Economic History" The Political Economy and Economic History Society, vol.XLVI, No.3(183), 2004.4.
27. 'Small-scale business in the porcelain industry of modern Japan:a case study of the Tono area' "Socio-Economic History" The Socio-Economic History Society, vol.69,No1, 2003.5.
28. 'Technological Innovation in the Modern Porcelain Industry in Japan' "The Journal of Economic Studies" The Society of Economic Studies, The University of Tokyo, No.45, 2003.3.