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JUNHAI GUO Last modified date:2023.11.22

Professor / The International Student Center

1. Language Policy and Multilingual Education in Singapore: Implications for Foreign Language Education in Japan.
2. Reasons for Japanese Language Education in English-speaking Countries - The Case of Singapore.
3. JUNHAI GUO, Teow, S. H., Lydia, N. Yu Jose., Ricardo, T. Jose and Yoshimura, M.(Eds.,), Popularizing Japanese Language during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, 1942-1945: An Analysis of the Nippon-Go Lesson Columns in the Syonan Times, In Teow, S. H., Lydia, N. Yu Jose., Ricardo, T. Jose and Yoshimura, M.(Eds.,) "Japan and Southeast Asia: Continuity and Change in Modern Times"., Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2013.07.
4. Japan-Singapore:from the Perspective of Japanese Language Education.
5. Dynamics of Languages in a Multi-ethnic Society: A case study of Singapore. Tokyo: Hituzi Shobo..
6. Guo, J. H., Teaching and Learning Japanese in Singapore. In Y. H. Tsu (ed.) Japan and Singapore: A multidisciplinary approach., Singapore: McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), 319 ページ, 2006.06.
7. Okita, Y. and Guo, J. H., Learning of Japanese Kanji Character by Bilingual and Monolingual Chinese Speakers. In J. Cenoz & B. H. U. Jessner (Eds.), Looking Beyond Second Language Acquisition: Studies in Tri-and Multilingualism., Germany: Stauffenburg Publisher, pp. 63-74, 2001.09.