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List of Papers
Mitsuho Onimaru Last modified date:2021.06.19

Assistant Professor / Pathobiology / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Isobe M, Amano K, Arimura Y, Ishizu A, Ito S, Kaname S, Kobayashi S, Komagata Y, Komuro I, Komori K, Takahashi K, Tanemoto K, Hasegawa H, Harigai M, Fujimoto S, Miyazaki T, Miyata T, Yamada H, Yoshida A, Wada T, Inoue Y, Uchida HA, Ota H, Okazaki T, Onimaru M, Kawakami T, Kinouchi R, Kurata A, Kosuge H, Sada KE, Shigematsu K, Suematsu E, Sueyoshi E, Sugihara T, Sugiyama H, Takeno M, Tamura N, Tsutsumino M, Dobashi H, Nakaoka Y, Nagasaka K, Maejima Y, Yoshifuji H, Watanabe Y, Ozaki S, Kimura T, Shigematsu H, Yamauchi-Takihara K, Murohara T, Momomura SI., JCS 2017 Guideline on Management of Vasculitis Syndrome - Digest Version. JCS Joint Working Group., Circ J., 84(2): 299-359., 2020.01.
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5. Kanno S, Nishio H, Tanaka T, Motomura Y, Murata K, Onimaru M, Yamasaki S, Kono H, Sueishi K, Hara T, Activation of an innate immune receptor, Nod1, accelerates atherogenesis in Apoe-/- mice., 194, 2, 773-780, 2015.01.
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7. Ishibashi H, Nariai Y, Kanno T, Mitsuho Onimaru, Sekine J, Effects of transforming growth factor beta 1 on the plasminogen activation system, collagen and integrin synthesis, and proliferation of rabbit mandibular condylar chondrocytes., Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg, 43, 4, 470-475, 2014.04.
8. Fujinaga T, Kumamaru W, Sugiura T, Kobayashi Y, OHYAMA Y, Ikari T, Onimaru M, Akimoto N, Jogo R, Mori Y, Biological characterization and analysis of metastasis-related genes in cell lines derived from the primary lesion and lymph node metastasis of a squamous cell carcinoma arising in the mandibular gingiva., Int J Oral, 44, 5, 1614-1624, 2014.05.
9. Imai M, Ishibashi H, Nariai Y, Kanno T, Sekine J, Onimaru M, Mori Y., Transfection of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 decoy oligodeoxynucleotides suppresses expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells., ournal of oral pathology & medicine, 2012.05.
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14. Onimaru M, Yonemitsu Y, Suzuki H, Fujii T, Sueishi K, An Autocrine Linkage Between Matrix Metalloproteinase-14 and Tie-2 via Ectodomain Shedding Modulates Angiopoietin-1-Dependent Function in Endothelial cells, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, 30, 818-826, 2010.04.
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