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Tsuyoshi NAMIGATA Last modified date:2022.07.26

Professor / Department of Cultural Studies / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. Tsuyoshi NAMIGATA, "Can we build a bridge over the sea? Teaching Comparative Literature in East Asia" in Group session 33, "Pedagogy of Comparative Literature: Re-imaging Literatures of the World.", XXIII Congress of the ICLA, 2022.07.
2. Tsuyoshi Namigata, Routes to the West: Cultural Translation in Japanese Modernist Literature around 1924, Islands in the Global Age: Identification, Estrangement and Renewal in the East-West Dialogue GLASGOW-KYUSHU INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, 2022.03.
3. Tsuyoshi NAMIGATA, Primitive Voices: Modernism, Regionalism, and Exoticism of Japanese Literature in the 1930s, EAJS2021: 16th International Conference of the European Association of Japanese Studies, 2021.08.
4. Tsuyoshi NAMIGATA, The Memories of the Empire, and the Aesthetics of Post-War Japan: The Strategies of Adaptation in Fumiko Hayashi's Horoki , ICLA 2019, 2019.08.
5. Tsuyoshi NAMIGATA, “The Transfer and Transmission of Exoticism in Modern East Asia: Tracing the History of Shimei Nishiguchi’s Travelogues, Novels, and Magazines in the Japanese Imperial Context”, AAS2019 Annual Conference , 2019.03.
6. Tsuyoshi NAMIGATA, Representation of Josephine Baker and its Cultural Politics in 1930s Korean Literature , AAS 2017 Annual Conference, 2017.03.
7. Tsuyoshi NAMIGATA, Another "Paris in the Orient": Overlapping Exoticism in Japanese Modernism around 1930, Kyushu Univ.- Ehwa Univ. Joint International Symposium: Translation, Transculturation, and Transformation of Modernity in East Asia, 2016.07.
8. Tsuyoshi NAMIGATA, Exotic Modern: Japanese Literature and Cultural Translation in the Early Showa Period, East Asia Humanities Forum 3, Modern Times and Modernism in East Asia, 2015.03.