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Shuji Mori Last modified date:2023.01.21

Professor / Intelligent Science Division / Department of Informatics / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. Cognitive Science Dictionary (2002). Japanese Cognitive Science Society (ed.) Authored items: Method of adjustment, Method of limit, Up-and-down method, Method of constant stimuli, Psychometric function, Probit method, Magnitude estimation, Stimulus uncertainty, Attentional deficit of schizophrenic patients. Tokyo: Kyoritsu Shuppan. (in Japanese).
2. Mori, S. (2005). Applying Basic Research. In M. Naka (ed.), New approach of Cognitive Psychology, Ch.7 (pp.153-178). Tokyo: Seishinshobo Publishers. (in Japanese).
3. Mori, S., Miyaoka, T., & Wong, W., Fechner Day '07: Proceedings of International Society for Psychophysics, International Society for Psychophysics, 2007.10, 筆頭著者の森が大会委員長となって2007年10月20日から23日に東京で開催した第23回国際心理物理学会年次大会の発表原稿集である。序言、目次に続いて、招待講演、テーマセッション、口頭発表、ポスター発表の原稿(4若しくは6ページ)から成る。.
4. Mori, S. (2007). 4. Acoustical Environments 4.3. Psychological evaluation 4.3.1. Characteristics of audition. In Editorial committee of handbook of artificial environment design (ed.), Handbook of artificial environment design (pp.107-113). Fukuoka: Maruzen. (in Japanese).
5. Takahiro Yoshioka, Shuji Mori, Yuji Matsuki, Osamu Uekusa, Stochastic changes in driver reaction time with arousal state. In L. Dorn & M. Sullman (Eds.) Advances in Traffic Psychology, Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 2012.05.
6. Chapter 10 Attention. Shuji Mori (in Japanese).