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Matsuoka Ken Last modified date:2024.06.03

Professor / Division of Molecular Bioscience / Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Yoshida, S., Kogusuri, A., Igarashi, K., Eguchi, T. Matsuoka K, Environmental control of plants in a tall type of phytotron glass room, The XX CIGR World Congress 2022 "Sustainable Agricultural Production -Water, Land, Energy and Food-", 2022.12.
2. #Yamato Oda, Satoru Asatsuma, #Hiroaki Nakasone, Moses O. Abiodun, Kiminori Toyooka, Ken Matsuoka , Sucrose starvation induce the degradation of trans-Golgi network localized proteins and prevent the secretion of pectin from tobacco cells
, 2018 Keystone Symposia Conference Selective Autophagy (Z2), 2018.06.
3. Ken Matsuoka, Toward the understanding and engineering of plant Golgi apparatus, Research Seminar, Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology, Thai Nguyen Univ. of Agriculture and Forestry, 2016.11.
4. Yamato Oda, Ken Matsuoka, Overexpression of enhanced yellow fluorescent protein in Arabidopsis thaliana retards development, The 27th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, 2016.07, Fluorescent proteins are widely used protein markers in modern experimental biology. They are very useful for obtaining a deeper understanding of the localization, expression, and functions of proteins in cells and tissues in higher organisms through nondestructive and simple ways to detect fluorescence. The (side) effects of these proteins in non-native organisms have not been reported well, as their expression is generally nontoxic. However, during the course of experiments to localize proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana, we found that transformants expressing enhanced yellow fluorescent protein (EYFP) showed a slight delay in bolting time and increased body mass.
We investigated the bolting time by recording how long it took for a stem to exceed 2 cm length, using 22 to 34 plants per experiment per line. On average, it took around 20-22 days, when WT stem reached above 2 cm in length whereas several more days were required for the bolting of transformants. We considered that plants exhibiting delayed growth might grow larger by prolonging photosynthesis. To test this possibility, we measured rosette diameters as well as fresh weight and dry weight, then calculated the dry weight : fresh weight ratio. Rosette diameters did not differ significantly between the transformants and WT plants. In contrast, both the fresh and dry weights of the transformants were higher than those of the WT in many cases. On average, the dry and wet weights of the transformants were approximately 22% and 21% higher than those of the WT, respectively, whereas the ratio of dry weight : fresh weight did not differ significantly. These observations suggest that the increase in weights did not alter significantly the composition of materials comprising the transgenic plants..
5. Ken Matsuoka, Yuto Sugita, Yuhei Tsuno, Role of the glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchoring on the glycosylation and transport of arabinogalactan protein precursor, XIV Cell Wall Meeting, 2016.06, Precursors to many arabinogalactan proteins (AGPs) contain C-terminal signal for the addition of glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchor. Presence of GPI-anchor in the mature AGP has been shown in several AGPs. Yet the role of GPI-anchoring on the glycosylation and transport of AGPs had not been elucidated.
We have been analyzing the mechanism of protein glycosylation and protein transport in the endomembrane system in plant cells using tobacco BY-2 cells as a model. To understand the role of GPI-anchoring on the glycosylation and transport of AGP precursor, we first identified a cDNA for AGP in our EST collection of tobacco BY-2 cells and found that the EST clone BY28237 encode a tobacco ortholog of Nicotiana alata AGP. This protein, designated as NtAGP1, comprise with N-terminal signal peptide, AGP coding region with 20 possible arabinogalactosylation sites and a GPI-anchoring signal (GPI-AS). A fusion construct of signal peptide-GFP and AGP-GPI-AS of NtAGP1 was expressed in BY-2 cell. GFP fluorescence was predominantly observed at the plasma membrane region under confocal light microscope. The expressed GFP migrated on SDS-polyacrylamide gel as large smear at high molecular weight region. Phase partitioning experiment of microsomal proteins in combination with phospholipase treatment suggested that the fusion protein contain GPI-anchor. A mutant of this fusion protein without GPI-AS was also expressed in BY-2 cells. This mutant protein migrated more faster than that with the GPI-AS. Similar migration pattern was observed when GFP was replaced by secretory sporamin. In addition, nearly mature form of sporamin was observed in cells expressing the construct without GPI-anchoring signal. Fractionation studies suggested that constructs without GPI-anchoring signal partially accumulated in the endomembrane system and some of them were transported to the vacuoles and further proteolytically processed to the nearly mature form. These observations suggest that GPI-anchoring is not only necessary for efficient glycosylation but also for proper transport of AGP precursor to plasma membrane..
6. Moses O. Abiodun, 松岡 健, Dynamics of Golgi Apparatus under Sucrose Starvation, 第57回日本植物生理学会年会, 2016.03.
7. Ken Matsuoka, Yamato Oda, Hiroaki Nakasone, Moses O. Abiodun, Kiminori Toyoooka, Satoru Asatsuma, Proliferation and starvation-induced degradation of Golgi apparatus and TGN in tobacco BY-2 cells, Progress 100: Second International Symposium "Protein Trafficking and Intracellular Signaling of Plant and Fungal Cells", 2016.02.
8. 才所遼平, 陶山 明子, 松岡健, Localization and structure of peptidyl serine O-α-galactosyltransferase in tobacco BY-2 cell, 第56回日本植物生理学会年会, 2015.03.
9. 小田大和人, 豊岡公徳, 松岡健, Analysis of the Arabidopsis Ortholog of Tobacco Secretory Carrier Membrane Protein 2, 第56回日本植物生理学会年会, 2015.03.
10. Ken Matsuoka, An idea to assist the increase of economical benefit of GGW project from a plant molecular cell biologist working on cell wall glycans and glycoproteins:
Understanding of Acacia senegal physiology and gum arabic production using next generation sequencing and other current techniques., Séminaire spécial de l'Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar,, 2015.01.
11. Ken Matsuoka, Cellular Response of Tobacco BY-2 Cells Under Nutrient-Limitation Conditions(or, how plant cell behaves when hungry), Special seminar in Thai Nguyen Univ. of Agriculture and Forestry, 2014.11.
12. Ken Matsuoka, Monitoring mechanisms of Golgi proliferation in plant cells using photo-convertible fluorescence markers and a bulk conversion system, Schekman Symposium -38 years of SECs- , 2014.08.
13. Ken Matsuoka, Monitoring turnover of intracellular structures using photo-convertible fluorescent protein markers and a bulk photo-conversion protocol, Presymposium of the Annual meeting of Japan Society of Cell Biology, 2014.06.
14. Ken Matsuoka, Monitoring Golgi biogenesis and phosphate limitation-dependent autophagic degradation using photo-convertible fluorescent fusion proteins and a bulk fluorescence -conversion apparatus, 2014 East Asia Cell Biology Conference, 2014.04.
15. Moses O. Abiodun, Ken Matsuoka, Evidence that proliferation of Golgi apparatus depends on both de novo generation from the ER and formation from pre-existing stacks during the growth of tobacco BY-2 cells, International workshop on plant membrane biology XVI, 2013.03.
16. Jianping Liu, Kyoko Hayashi, 浅妻 悟, Kiminori Toyooka, Ken Matsuoka, Characterization of proteins in the secretory vesicle cluster, International workshop on plant membrane biology XVI, 2013.03.
17. Moses O. Abiodun, Ken Matsuoka, Evidence that Proliferation of Golgi apparatus Depends on both de novo Generation from the ER and Formation from Pre-existing
Stacks during the Growth of Tobacco BY-2 Cells, 日本植物生理学会 第54回大会, 2013.03.
18. An idea for the selection of species for the great green wall; from the view of plant nutrition and a possible contribution of plant molecular biology. Invited seminar: Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar.