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List of Presentations
Tomohiro Nakao Last modified date:2022.07.19

Professor / Department of Neuropsychiatry, Graduate School of Medical Sciences / Department of Clinical Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Nakao T, Neurobiological basis of different clinical phenotypes in OCD, 6th Congress of Asian College of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2019.10.
2. Nakao T, A biological investigation of OCD and Hoarding Disorder by neuroimaging methods, 40th JSBP, 2019.06.
3. Nakao T, Yamada S, Murayama K, Kuwano M, The clinical features of Japanese patients with Hording Disorder, ISAD Conference 2017. The International Society of Affective Disorders, 2017.07.
4. Tomohiro Nakao, Neurobiological heterogeneities of OCD. Symposium: Biological approaches toward clarifying heterogeneities of obsessive-compulsive disorder., 12th WFSBP, 2015.06.
5. Brain changes in patients with OCD brought by BT and SSRI: a cognitive and symptom provocation fMRI study.
6. Duration effect of OCD on cognitive function: a functional MRI study..