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Nobuhiro HORII Last modified date:2024.05.10

Associate Professor / Fields in Industry / Department of Industrial and Business System / Faculty of Economics

1. Nobuhiro HORII, ”Reform of energy and electricity system for low carbon development: Opportunities and barriers for transition toward sustainable energy system”, The 6th Congress of the East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (EAAERE2016)、Session 18: Energy-Climate Policies in China: Transition toward a Sustainable Energy System?, 2016.08.
2. 堀井 伸浩, ”Changing China’s Energy Structure: Can the trend towards reducing dependence on coal keep on track?”, USJI Week, 2016.02.
3. Nobuhiro HORII, “Resource Challenges of Economic Development in East Asia”、 “China‘s emergence in global coal and gas markets and its impact: potential for cooperation between Japan and China”、中国人民大学明徳楼, 九州大学・中国人民大学・南京大学第8回ジョイントコンファレンス, 2013.11.
4. Nobuhiro HORII, "Change of Japan’s coal policy after 3.11 Fukushima accident: Heightened expectation for CCT", The 4th World Clean Coal Week China Focus 2013, 2013.10.
5. Nobuhiro HORII, "The Pricing Reform in China’s Energy Industry and its Effect on Clean Technology Development", The 3rd Low Carbon Earth Summit-2013, 2013.09.
6. 堀井 伸浩, " The Background of Reduction of Dependence on Coal in the 12th Five-Year Plan: The Diversification of Energy Sources Induced by the Marketization of Coal Industry in China", Asian Core Peking Seminar 2012, "Green-Low-carbon Development in Asia", hosted by University of International Business and Economics, Nagoya University and Peking University, sponsored by JSPS, , 2012.09.