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TANAKA Fumihiko Last modified date:2023.04.29

Professor / Bioproduction Environmental Sciences / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Fumihiko Tanaka, Fumina Tanaka, Chapter 5, Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing, 2nd ed. (Ed. by Da-Wen Sun), CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Ltd., ISBN: 9781138568310, 2018.09.
2. Research on the Possibility of Agricultural and Livestock Products Export Expansion.
3. Tanaka, F., Uchino, T., Chapter 3, Heat and mass transfer modeling in “Infrared Heating for Food and Agricultural Processing”, Taylor & Francis Group, 41-55, 2010.08.
4. Hamanaka, D., Tanaka, F., Chapter 26, Infrared Heating in “Mathematical Modeling of Food Processing”, CRC Press/Taylor and Francis Group, LLC., 707-717, 2010.05.