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List of Reports
Toru OGA Last modified date:2021.07.30

Associate Professor / Political Dynamics Analysis / Department of Political Science / Faculty of Law

1. Which future for radical politics?.
2. Asian civil society open symposium.
3. 大賀 哲, Asian civil society and regional solidarity movements: a theoretical sketch (アジア市民社会公開シンポジウム), 法政研究, Vol.75, No.4, pp.921-908, 2009.03.
4. The Second Asian civil society open symposium.
5. Asian Civil Society Open Symposium.
6. The Second Asian civil society open symposium.
7. Amitav Acharya and Barry Buzan (eds.), Non-Western International Relations Theory : Perspectives on and beyond Asia, Robbie Shilliam (ed.), International Relations and Non-Western Thought : Imperialism, Colonialism and Investigations of Global Modernity.
8. Essays in Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of SEIJI-KENKYU.
9. Review Articles : HOSHIRO Hiroyuki, A Method of Creating Theories from History : KAWASAKI Tsuyoshi, A Study of Japanese Diplomacy as a Social Science.
10. Book Review : Kei Yamamoto, Democracy of the Suspicious (Iwanami Shoten, 2016).
11. Toru OGA, Deconstructing Asianisation: The Asian financial crisis and constitution of Asianness, Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Government, University of Essex, U.K., 406pp., 2005.07.