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List of Papers
Tabuchi Koji Last modified date:2022.05.25

Professor / Department of Legal Practice / Faculty of Law

1. Accused's Right to communicate with the councel.
2. Standard to review miscarriage of fact-finding by the appeal court
-Meaning of the Supreme Court's case decided Feb. 13 2012-.
3. Availability of "visual aids" in examination of the witness..
4. Discovery Depositions in U.S. Criminal Procedure.
5. Depositions in U.S. Federal Criminal Procedure.
6. Massive denial cases and continuity of the criminal trial.
7. Continuity, victim's attendance and activated criminal trial.
8. Issues of the trial-proceeding of massive denial cases including the divided judgement system.
9. Some issues of the criminal trial proceeding.
10. Protection from prejudice at the opening statement of criminal trial.
11. Defendant's right to access to opponent's witnesses and its criminal limitation.
12. The instant criminal trial procedure of Japan.