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List of Presentations
Ogata Yoshito Last modified date:2021.04.05

Professor / Social innovation design / Department of Design Strategy / Faculty of Design

1. Gao Pin, Ogata Yoshito, Establishment of Tea Waste Recycling System based on the concept of "CHAMU", 2019 MRS(Materials Research Society) Spring Meeting&Exhibit, 2019.03.
2. 宋暢、賀佳、尾方義人, A study of the psychological resilience of the elderly based on the Artificial Neural Network                         , 2018 2nd IEEE Advanced Information Management, 2018.05.
3. 宋暢、賀佳、尾方義人, The Methods of Tea Waste Reutilization and Economic Benefits Analysis                               , 2017 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Material , 2017.07.
4. Jin Liu ,Yoshito Ogata, 「Research on Innovative Design and Industrialization of Folk Embroidery Crafts of Miao Nationality in Southern Sichuan(No.18SB0544) 」, Major Project of Education Department in Sichuan , 2017.06.
5. 宋暢、賀佳、尾方義人, レジリエンスについての行為分析に基づく製品設計中の応用研究, 中華民国設計学会, 2017.05.
6. Design of Life-like Agent Forcusing on Children.
7. Product design concept for Self-medication.
8. Product design concept for Self-medication.