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Sawa Teraoka Last modified date:2023.07.28

Professor / Lifelong development Nursing / Department of Health Sciences / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Akemi Abe, Yoko Hatono, Sawa Teraoka, Development of a scale for public health nurses to support resident organization activities for community building in Japan, 6th International Conference Global Network of Public Health Nursing, 2022.01.
2. Teraoka, S., Konishi, M, Changes in the mental health of elderly with dementia resulting from a horticultural activity as a part of multifunctional long-term care in a small group home, 22nd EAFONS Conference, 2019.01.
3. Teraoka, S., Konishi, M., Ono, M., Effects of horticultural activities on daily living conditions of elderly with dementia; For practical care of supporting at₋home living in a small scale multifunctional care facility in Japan, 32nd International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International, 2017.04.
4. Teraoka, S., Konishi, M., Ono, M. , Miyakoshi, Y., Effect on the cognitive function of horticultural activities seen from the existence of horticultural experience of the elderly with dementia, The 3rd KOREA-JAPAN Joint Conference on Community Health Nursing, 2016.07.
5. Harada H.,Konishi M.,Teraoka S., Cooperation of visiting nurses and home helpers supporting frail elderly and family at home, ICN Conference, 2007.06.
6. Teraoka S.,Konishi M.,Harada H., Horticultural therapy for the elderly in care facilities after their returning to home, ICN Conference, 2007.06.