Kyushu University Academic Staff Educational and Research Activities Database
List of Presentations
Moriyama Tomohiko Last modified date:2021.10.07

Associate Professor / Department of Medicine and Clinical Science, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University / International Medical Department / Kyushu University Hospital

1. Moriyama T, An approach for elimination of gastric cancer death, The 2nd Kyushu-Myanmar Medical Education Seminar, 2021.01.
2. Moriyama T, Remote Medical Education in the Era of COVID-19, Bhutan Japan Joint Medical Webinar, 2020.12.
3. Moriyama T, The Role of Telemedicine in COVID-19 Era, International Symposium on Digital Health, 2020.12.
4. Moriyama T, Early gastric cancer diagnosis by image enhanced endoscopy, Teleconference in endoscopy with Almenara Hospital, 2020.11.
5. Moriyama T, Telemedicine and Endoscopy from Japan to the World, Mexican Gastroenterology Week 2020, 2020.11.
6. Moriyama T, Update of TEMDEC activities under COVID-19 pandemic, 14th Asia Telemedicine Symposium, 2020.11.
7. Moriyama T, Telemedicine for gastroenterologists, Curso Virtual para Residentes en Gastroenterologia SGP 2020, 2020.10.
8. Moriyama T, The Role of Telemedicine in Pandemic, Malang Gastroenterohepatology Update-9 2020, 2020.10.
9. Moriyama T, How to diagnose and treat early gastric cancer, Virtual conference with Latin countries, 2020.05.
10. Moriyama T, Telemedicine, What’s happening in Asia and around the world, The 66th Myanmar Medical Conference, Yangon, 2020.01.
11. Moriyama T, TEMDEC Activities for sustainable medical education, The 13th Asia Telemedicine Symposium, 2019.12.
12. Moriyama T, Introduction of TEMDEC activities, The 1st KYUSHU-NTU Colloquium, 2019.12.
13. Moriyama T, How to tackle with gastric cancer in Russia, Russia-Japan International Medical Seminar, Russia-Japan Corporate Health, 2019.12.
14. Moriyama T, Sustainable medical education, The 3rd International Conference on Healthcare, SDGs and Social Business, 2019.11.
15. Moriyama T, How to tackle with gastric cancer in Bhutan, The 1st Bhutan Telemedicine Workshop, 2019.10.
16. Moriyama T, Introduction of Kyushu University Hospital and Telemedicine, The 5th Santa Cruz Hospital, Japan-Brazil Cooperative Scientific Seminar, 2019.07.
17. Moriyama T, Technical differences of EGD between Chile and Japan, XII annual course in gastrointestinal advances medical and surgical management in gastroenterology, 2019.03.
18. Moriyama T, Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Gastric Cancer, Curso de Gastroenterologia y Endoscopia Digestiva Avanzanda, 2019.02.
19. Moriyama T, Shimizu S, Remote education of early gastric cancer in Central Asia and Russia, CAREN Regional Network Conference 2018, 2018.10.
20. Moriyama T, How to diagnose and treat early colorectal cancer in Japan, Advances in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy Workshop, 2018.03.
21. Moriyama T, Latin American Endoscopy Teleconference, The 11th Asia Telemedicine Symposium, 2017.12.
22. Moriyama T, ACHED campaign 2017 –Firsthand experience-, XLIV Chilean congress of gastroenterology, 2017.11.
23. Moriyama T, Esaki M, Torisu T, UmenoJ, Hirano A, KitazonoT, Learning curve analysis for colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection, DDW2017, 2017.05.
24. 森山 智彦, Case conference in Latin America ~ What is diagnosis? How to treat? ~, Red Late Mexico 2016, 2016.09.
25. Moriyama Tomohiko, How to increase adenoma detection rate during colonoscopy -New techniques and technologies-, Endoscopic Forum Japan 2014, 2014.08.