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List of Papers
Sanefuji Masafumi Last modified date:2014.8.6

Post-doctoral Fellow /

1. Sanefuji Masafumi,Altered strategy in short-term memory for pictures in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a near-infrared spectroscopy study.,Psychiatry Res.,2014.07.
2. Sanefuji Masafumi,Mutations in the RNA exosome component gene EXOSC3 cause pontocerebellar hypoplasia and spinal motor neuron degeneration.,Nat Genet ,2012.01.
3. Iwayama M, Kira R, Kinukawa N, Sakai Y, Torisu H, Sanefuji M, Ishizaki Y, Nose Y, Matsumoto T, Hara T,Parental ages and the growth and development of children: a study from check-ups,Pediatr Int,2011.02.
4. Wan J, Yourshaw M, Mamsa H, Rudnik-Schöneborn S, Menezes MP, Hong JE, Leong DW, Senderek JP, Salman MS, Chitayat D, Seeman P, von Moers A, Graul-Neumann L, Kornberg AJ, Castro-Gago M, Sobrido M, Sanefuji M, Shieh PB, Salamon N, Kim RC, Vinters HV, Zerres K, Ryan MM, Nelson SF, Jen JC,Mutations in the RNA exosome component gene EXOSC3 cause pontocerebellar hypoplasia and spinal motor neuron degeneration,Nat Genet,2012.04.
5. Sanefuji M, Kira R, Matsumoto K, Gondo K, Torisu H, Kawakami H, Iwaki T, Hara T,Autopsy case of later-onset pontocerebellar hypoplasia type 1: pontine atrophy and pyramidal tract involvement,J Child Neurol,2010.11.
6. Sanefuji M, Takada Y, Kimura N, Torisu H, Kira R, Ishizaki Y, Hara T,Strategy in short-term memory for pictures in childhood: A near-infrared spectroscopy study,Neuroimage,2011.01.
7. Goto K, Sanefuji M, Kusuhara K, Nishimura Y, Shimizu H, Kira R, Torisu H, Hara T,Rhombencephalitis and coxsackievirus A16.,Emerg Infect Dis,Vol.15,pp.1689-1691,2009.01.
8. Sanefuji M, Nakashima T, Kira R, Iwayama M, Torisu H, Sakai Y, Hara T,The Relationship Between Retrieval Success and Task Performance During the Recognition of Meaningless Shapes: an Event-Related Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study.,Neurosci Res,59(2):191-8,2007.10.
9. Torisu H, Kira R, Kanazawa N, Takemoto M, Sanefuji M, Sakai Y, Tsujino S, Hara T.,A novel R275X mutation of the SLC25A15 gene in a Japanese patient with the HHH syndrome.
,Brain Dev,28(5):332-5,2006.06.
10. Sanefuji M, Ohga S, Kira R, Nomura A, Torisu H, Takada H, Kusuhara K, Hara T,Epstein-Barr virus associated meningoencephalomyelitis: Intrathecal reactivation of the virus in an immunocompetent child.,J Child Neurol,21(1):75-7,2006.01.
11. Kira R, Torisu H, Takemoto M, Nomura A, Sakai Y, Sanefuji M, Sakamoto K, Matsumoto S, Gondo K, Hara T,Genetic susceptibility to simple febrile seizures: interleukin-1beta promoter polymorphisms are associated with sporadic cases.,Neurosci Lett,384(3):239-44,2005.08.
12. Torisu H, Kusuhara K, Kira R, Bassuny WM, Sakai Y, Sanefuji M, Takemoto M, Hara T,Functional MxA promoter polymorphism associated with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis.,Neurology,62(3):457-60,2004.02.