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Chikako Toma Last modified date:2022.06.30

Professor / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies / Department of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. When a Method is Created in Response to a Question - The method of formative fieldwork (i.e., practice-creating-collaborative-fieldwork)-
2. Chikako Toma, James V. Wertsch, The multiple agendas of intersubjectivity in children's group writing activity, Social and Cognitive Development in the Context of Individual, Social, and Cultural Processes, 10.4324/9780203380369, 131-146, 2003.06.
3. Chikako Toma, Ontisch vs. ontologisch approaches to individualistic/sociocentric distinction., Human Development, 43, 4-5, 227-229 , 2000.07.
4. Barbara Rogoff, Chikako Toma, Shared thinking
Community and institutional variations, Discourse Processes, 10.1080/01638539709545000, 23, 3, 471-497, 1997.01, This article focuses on the interpersonal processes of coordinating shared thinking in group activities. We examine variations in several sociocultural settings in how children and adults build on each other's ideas in shared endeavors. First we contrast two models of instruction. One involves participants' building on ideas in shared endeavors, based on the theoretical perspective that learning entails transformation of participation in sociocultural activities. The other model of instruction, in which teachers transmit information and test for its receipt, is based on the theoretical perspective that learning occurs through transmission of information from an expert. We discuss this contrast using observations made in several different communities and institutions. These include observations of toddlers and caregivers in a Mayan and a middle-class European-American community in terms of their provision of lessons and alert participation in a group, and observations in elementary school classrooms in Japan and in the U.S. of children building on each other's thinking with the aid and involvement of their teachers..
5. Chikako Toma & James Wertsch, Sociocultural approach to mediated action: An analysis of classroom discourse., Annual Report of Research and Clinical Center for Child Development, 13, 69-81, 1990.03.