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Kentaro Fujioka Last modified date:2021.06.29

Professor / Kyushu University Archives

1. Modern Hakozaki and Hakata Bay:The Formation of the University Quarter.
2. Review for the Problem around the Unveiling Ceremony of Mokogun-kuyoto Monument―An Addendum of My Article “Nitto Takanabe and Tairikuzan Suijo-in Temple”―.
3. ‘Liberation’ and ‘Unification’ of ‘Toa(East Asia)’: Continuity and Gaps between ‘The East Asian New Order’ and ‘The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere’.
4. The logic of‘refusal to allow meddling’:“Open door”policy and “Monroe Doctrine” in arguments about the League of Nations and Washington Conference.
5. The‘Discovery’of Manchurian Problems by Japanese Intellectuals:Centered in the 3rd Conference of the IPR and ROYAMA Masamichi's Argument.
6. The Structure of Japanese Intellectuals' Understandings about East Asian International Order between the War:The Cases of Masamichi ROYAMA and Shigeo SUEHIRO.