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Akihide Fujisawa Last modified date:2020.06.22

Professor / Division of Nuclear Fusion Dynamics / Research Institute for Applied Mechanics

1. A. Fujisawa, Experimental Achievements on Plasma Confinement and Turbulence, in 2nd ITER Summer School, 2009, p146-170 (Melville, New York, American Institute of Physics), 2009.07.
2. A. Fujisawa, Structural bifurcation in a toroidal plasma: A brief review of bifurcation phenomena in CHS stellarator, in Recent Research Developments in Physics, Vol. 5 Par-III 2004, p1147-1164 (Karala, India, Transworld Research Network), 2004.05.
3. A. Fujisawa, Bifurcation phenomena associated with radial electric field in a toroidal helical plasma, in Bifurcation phenomena in Plasmas, in Bifurcation Phenomena in Plasmas, 2002, p255-278 (Fukuoka, Japan, Kyushu University), 2002.01.