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List of Presentations
Satoquo SEINO Last modified date:2021.07.26

Associate Professor / Faculty of Engineering

1. Satoquo Seino, MPA networks in Northern Kyushu (Japan) and joint international efforts, 2018 Workshop on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Korea, Japan, and the Antarctic, 2018.08.
2. Satoquo Seino, MPAs and environmental spatial management systems in Japan, 2018 Workshop on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Korea, Japan, and the Antarctic, 2018.08.
3. Shinji ITAYA, Satoquo SEINO Toshifumi WADA and Mari SHUUNO, Habitat Degradation of the Endangered Horseshoe Crab Tachyplenus tridentatu in Japan –Current Status and a Case Study , EMECS12, 2018.11.
4. Ayumu Sakurada、Satoquo Seino、Mitsuhiro Aizu、Tetsuya Sado and Masaki Miya, Elucidation marine environment in Tsushima based on eDNA metabarcoding and coastal topography analysis for establishing a Marine Protected Area
, EMECS12, 2018.11.
5. Satoquo SEINO, Virtual Marine Protected Area Network around Tsushima Strait Connecting Two International Enclosed Seas, EMECS12, 2018.11.
6. Mitsuhiro Aizu,Satoquo Seino,Tetsuya Sado,Masaki Miya, New fish fauna inventory and survey teshniques for marine protected area planning:Environmental DNA metabarcoding , 8th Asian Wetland Stmposium(AW2017), 2017.11.
7. Takashi Shimoyamada,Satoquo Seino, Development of ESD program focusing on conservation ecology of Suaeda japonica Makino(Chenopodiacea),a threatened wetland halophyte
, 8th Asian Wetland Stmposium(AW2017), 2017.11.
8. Shuyuan geng,Satoquo Seino,Mitsuhiro Aizu, Commuity based management of beach litter in Itoshima Peninsula, Fukuoka, 8th Asian Wetland Stmposium(AW2017), 2017.11.
9. Satoquo SEINO, Horseshoe Crab Habitat Conservation and Coastal Zone Management in Japan , 8th Asian Wetland Stmposium(AW2017), 2017.11.
10. Satoquo SEINO and Mitsuhiro AIZU, "Potential of marine protected area network in Western Kyushu coastal seas and roles of fishery sectors ", 日本水産学会創立85周年記念国際シンポジウム, 2017.09.
11. Mitsuhiro AIZU and Satoquo SEINO, Environmental DNA metabarcoding with MiFish primer reveals marine fish fauna of Tsushima Island, Nagasaki for establishing a marine protected area
, 日本水産学会創立85周年記念国際シンポジウム, 2017.09.
12. Satoquo SEINO, Legal and constiutional system of very large sea wall construcation of recovery affairs from Great East Japan Earthquake disaster and decision making of fishery villages, 日本水産学会創立85周年記念国際シンポジウム, 2017.09.
13. Satoquo SEINO, Nobuyuki AZUMA, Yasunori SAKURAI, Exploring Shared Natural and Cultural Changes in Coastal Communities along Squid Migratory Routes by the Tsushima Current Kaimin Network, Cephalopod International Advisory Council Conference 2015, 2015.11.
14. Masahide Kumei and Satoko Seino, Presenting two topics about GEJE and participants will discuss lessons learnt from GEJE, Agenda for International Workshop on DRR and PA,Agenda for International Workshop on DRR and PA,Asia park Congress., 2013.11.
15. Marine Protected Areas as Solitary Island Regional Promotion – Framework for Solution Biodiversity Conservation and Trans-boundary Pollution.
16. Shoreward Sand Transport after Offshore Sand Capping on Nakatsu Tidal Flat

JSCE(Coastal Engineering).
17. Analysis of Large-Scale Topographic Changes of Akaehama Beach in Miyazaki Prefecture Based on Bathymetric Survey Data

JSCE(Coastal Engineering).