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ANTONIO JR PRUDENTE FORMACION Last modified date:2020.08.03

Lecturer / Department of International Legal Studies / Faculty of Law

1. Antonio Formacion, Privacy policies and smartphone apps, looking at the effects of EU's GDPR Legislation, Malaga Conference, 2018.06, [URL].
2. Antonio Formacion, Emerging Democracies におけるインターネットコントロール, Kyushu University and Munich University, 2018.02, The presentation showed how governments in emerging democracies, with focus on Iran, uses internet control in governance..
3. Antonio Formacion, App Marketplace as Gatekeepers, Asian Law and Society, 2017.12, [URL], The presentation touched on the topic of Smartphone App Marketplaces (Apple Store and Android Play Store) as Gatekeepers, and their control and responsibility on the apps available in their stores. This is based on the study of the level of privacy protection given to the consumers who purchase healthcare related apps..
4. Antonio Formacion, Privacy Policy of Healthcare Apps, 社会情報学会, 2017.09, The presentation was on the state of privacy protection in healthcare related smartphone apps, looking at the existence and quality of privacy policy. It was elucidated in the presentation that healthcare related apps don't satisfy the requirements of law in terms of privacy protection..
5. Antonio Formacion, 個人情報保護とヘルスとライフスタイルアプリのプライバシーポリシー, Ehwa Institute for Biomedical and Law, 2017.09, [URL], The presentation was on Privacy Policy found on the Smartphone for Health-related apps and how they protect individual right's of privacy..