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Shinto Teramoto Last modified date:2020.04.15

Professor / Department of International Legal Studies / Faculty of Law

1. Teramoto, Shinto, Lawyers’ Views on Autonomous Driving, Legal Tech and the New Sharing Economy, 169-178, 2020.02.
2. Shinto Teramoto, Paulius Jurčys, Allocation of Public Resources for Scientific Research: The Role of Governments and the Law, HOSEI KENKYU, 85, 1, 362-338, 2018.07, Over centuries, efficient allocation of limited resources has been one main concerns of governments and social scientists. The emergence of the Internet fuelled the proliferation of online matching platforms that facilitate the redistribution of omnipresent surplus resources. This article examines the role of governments and the law in facilitating the most efficient allocation of public resources to academic researchers. Assuming that diversity of funded research projects is one of the primary goals, we developed a hypothetical social network model that helps compare two major policies employed by governments in allocating public funds (“selection and concentration” and “diverse allocation”). Our findings highlight the potential advantages of both funding approaches and illustrate that larger and more selective models could potentially lead to more diverse allocation of public resources. Accordingly, we offer some policy recommendations, one of which is that governments (and legal frameworks) should utilize multiple resource allocation approaches for such strategy could lead to more efficiency and diversity..
3. Shinto Teramoto, Yuriko Haga, Informed Consent in Building Big Data in Healthcare:The Essential Role of Hubs in Curating and Disseminating Knowledge, RANGSIT JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES, 4, 2, 69-75, 2017.12, [URL].
4. Teramoto, Shinto, Ninomiya, Toshie, Instructional Design and Strategy for Legal Practice, International Journal of Information and Education Technology, 5, 4, 242-245, 2015.04.
5. Teramoto, Shinto, Simulating the impact of intellectual property rights on the innovation process, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Innovation and Management, 1099-1107, 2014.11, [URL].
6. Shinto Teramoto, Paulius Jurčys, Intermediaries, trust and efficiency of communication
A social network perspective, Networked Governance, Transnational Business and the Law, 10.1007/978-3-642-41212-7_6, 99-126, 2014.01, Shinto Teramoto and Paulius Jurčys examine in their contribution Intermediaries, Trust and Efficiency of Communication: A Social Network Perspective how social network analysis might contribute to legal scholarship and discuss some key concepts used by proponents of this methodology. In particular, they discuss how the establishment of trust-based relationships facilitates the transfer of values and resources within the context of regulatory networks..
7. Shinto Teramoto, Intellectual property licensing in Japan, Research Handbook On Intellectual Property Licensing, 10.4337/9781781005989.00027, 425-449, 2013.01.
8. Shinto Teramoto, Legal Issues related to teleradiology, Japanese Journal of Clinical Radiology, 57, 9, 1153-1159, 2012.09, This article discusses three major legal issues associated with teleradiology. First, the legal liability of teleradiologist towards patients, which is based on both contract and tort Second, the fact that teleradiology is required to be conducted by medical practitioners licensed under the Medical Practitioners Act. And, finally, the proper location for storing digital medical data, which should be chosen having regard for the changing technological and social conditions..
9. 寺本振透, Protect Network Neutrality against Intellectual Property Rights - a legal and social network perspective, 2012 International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Society (Jeju Island, South Korea)/International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research, vol. 42, pp. 7-11, 2012.06.
10. Shinto Teramoto, Copyrightability and scope of protection for works of utilitarian nature under Japanese law, IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, 28, 1, 51-74, 1997.02.
11. Shinto Teramoto, Copyrightability and Scope of Protection for Works of Utilitarian Nature Under Japanese Law, Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright, and Competition Law; International Review of Industrial Property and Copyright Law (IIC), Vol. 28, No. 1, pp.51-74, 1997.01.