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List of Papers
Takako Suzuki Last modified date:2023.07.04

Associate Professor / International Social Development / Department of Multicultural Society / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Takako Suzuki, Multigrade teaching before the modern school system in Japan: A case of Kangien in Edo period, 『言語文化論究』, vol. 47, 65-76, 2021.10.
2. Multicultural education in New Caledonia: Adaptation of local contents in a case study primary school .
3. Education and coloniality:In the process of independent movement in New Caledonia.
4. Takako Suzuki, Data collection process for non-cognitive skills gained by Escuela Nueva primary schools in Colombia, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 38, 99-111, 2017.03, [URL].
5. Social Business and the ROぇ尾fUniversity: A Case of Grameen Caldas in Colombia.
6. 鈴木隆子, A comparative analysis of multigrade teaching in Japanese, Nepalese and Zambian primary schools, 言語文化論究, 28, 37-50, 2012.03, [URL], 日本、ネパール、ザンビアの複式学級の現状を比較し、途上国における複式学級の課題を明確にしようとするものである。.
7. 鈴木隆子, Cascade model for teacher training in Nepal, 言語文化論究, 27, 31-42, 2011.10, [URL], ネパールの教員訓練において適用されているカスケードモデルの効果について検証したものである。.
8. Community Participation and Primary School Improvement: A case study in Myanmar.
9. Effectsof the Cascade Model for In-service Teacher Training in Nepal.
10. Japanese Assistance for Education in Africa: The Case of Zambia.
11. Takako Suzuki, “From Sector Wide Approach to General Budget Support: The Impact of Political Shift in the Education Sector in Zambia” , Journal of International Cooperation Studies , Vol.17, No.1, pp.79-99, 2009.06, [URL].
12. Takako Suzuki, “Multigrade teaching training in Nepal: The diversity of practice and the impact of training”, Journal of International Cooperation Studies , Vol.16, No.3, pp.123-141, 2009.02, [URL].
13. Comparative Analysis of Multigrade Teaching in Japanese and Nepalses Primary Schools.
14. Takako Suzuki, “Multigrade teaching: Does it exist in Nepal? Abstract of a case study in Nuwakot District” , Education and Development 2000, Research Centre for Educational Innovation and development (CERID), pp.91-103, 2000.01.