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Prasanna Divigalpitiya Last modified dateļ¼š2024.04.15

Associate Professor / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies / Department of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Prasanna Divigalpitiya, Measuring Urban Expansion Process of Yogyakarta City in Indonesia, Asian Urban Research Group, 2014.01, One major concern of spatial planning of cities in developing countries is lack of understanding in the spatial and temporal process of urbanization process. Patterns of urbanization reflect the historic policy outcomes, economy, geography and changes of life style. This research aims to study spatial and temporal patterns of urbanization in Yogyakarta City in Indonesia. Several attributes of urbanization process were measured using spatial metrics and GIS analysis to understand the characteristics of urbanization. Those measurements are taken from urban data sets for 1997, 2002 and 2013. Data were prepared from classified satellite images. Study was carried out for the whole city and for transect across the city to understand macro and local scale characteristics of urbanization process. Later the measurements were used to analyzed and interpreted to understand temporal and spatial urbanization process. It was observed that urban expansion process in Yogyakarta was a process with several distinctive stages..