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List of Presentations
Shinogi Yoshiyuki Last modified date:2022.07.27

Professor / Agro-roduction and Environmental Science Division / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. #Yinn Mar Soe, ◎Yoshiyuki Shinogi,◎ Tomoyuki Taniguchi, Impacts of perforated sheetpipe installation on some paddy soil properties, PAWEES & INWEP International Conference Nara 2018, 2018.11.
2. Anand Mishra and Yoshiyuki Shinogi, Impacss of bamboo Biochar application to soil chisio-chemical properties , 農業農村工学九州支部講演会, 2017.10.
3. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Introduction on easy precipitated biochar, Asia and the Pacific Biochar Conference, 2016.10.
4. Endita Prima Ari Pratiwi, Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Application of Biochar for crops, Asia and the pacific Biochar Conference, 2016.10.
5. Khansawan Sisopha, Tetsuro Fukuda, Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Characteristics of Sheetpipe sub surface drainage and subsurface irrigation (SPIDI) systems, AFFELiSA 2015, 2015.11.
6. Eriko Sakai, Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Recognition on soil salinity in Uzbekistan, Case study at Syr Dariya State, AFFELiSA 2015, 2015.11.
7. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Masaru Miszoguchi, PWE(Present situation and perspective), PAWEES 2015, 2015.08, Present sitation of PWE (Paddy and water environment) .
8. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Our research highlight, 2014.07.
9. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Characteristics of easily-precipitated biochar from rice husk, 2014.10.
10. Endita Prima Ari Pratiwi, Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Reseratch on effects of rice husk biochar application on paddy field soil, 2014.08.
11. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, 4 years reserach results on Agro-production environment studies, EAEP2014, 2014.12.
12. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Masaru Mizoguchi, PWE, Present situation and perspective, PAWEES (Paddy and Water Environmental Engineering) 2014, 2014.11.
13. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Tetsuro Fukuda, Research highlight of our laboratory, 2013.11.
14. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Tetsuro Fukuda, Kozue Yuge, Reserach outcomes from our laboratory aiming at sustainable crop production, Collaborative Project for Soil and Water conservation in Souteast Asian Watersheds, 2013.08.
15. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Tetsuro Fukuda, Sheet pipe, Characteristics and Perspective, 2013.10, The present situation of sheet-pipe, outline and perspective has introduced.
16. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Present sitiation of PWE, PAWEES,2014, 2013.10, Present situation of the PWE journal was introduced.
17. Oh Teak-Keun, Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Slow release behavior of nutrient from biochar impregnated by anaerobically digested slurry, 4th International Biochar Congress, 2012.09.
18. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Objective of the workshop, 2013.03.
19. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Introduction; Objective of the workshop, 2013.03.
20. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Activated carbon &Carbon , 2012.05.
21. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, PWE Future Perspective, PAWEES, 2012.11.
22. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Biomass use ; Our perspectives , 2012.12.
23. Sreymon Sam, Shinogi Yoshiyuki, An Improving Performance of Farmer Water User Community in Cambodia:
A Case Study in Stung Chinit Irrigation System, RIAEA, 2012.11.
24. Internationa cooperation.
25. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Tashita Yusuke, Oh Taek-Keun, Impact of biochar on soil and crop quality, 2012.08.
26. Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Nakabaru Mai, Okuda Yukio, Ikeura Hiroshi, Local awareness on soil salinity , case study at Uzbekistan, SOWAC Meeting, 2012.08.
27. PWE, Present issues and perspectives.
28. Outline of biomass use in andout of Japan was reported..
29. Mulching effect ob bamboo was studied. Finally, bamboo mulch emitted potassium and it may be able to bad impact to crop production. .
30. Pearmiability and water hoding capacity of soil which Knazo can survive.
31. Clarification of impact of cabon sequesteration with char from biomass .
32. Nitrogen removal with char as subsurface drainage materials.
33. Nutrient and water envirnmental monitoring with TDR apparatus.
34. Impact of upland irrigation project, case study.